A universe of freedom and
experimentation by way of FINE

Last summer, I came across an ad of a clinical
study being ran by a local hospital. They were
looking for Bipolar patients to participate in a
series of tests to uncover modes of alternative
treatment. The process would include taking
multiple MRI scans of the patient’s brain,
generating images each patient would be welcome
to keep.
Being that I had been wanting to lend myself to
medical exploration for some time, and was also
curious about seeing an image of my brain — the
vital organ that curates my life experiences of
joy and anguish, grants me boundless creativity,
and propagates my knowledge of the universe I
exist in — I felt inclined to apply.

After going through the extensive interview
process, I was notified that I was diagnosed
too long ago to participate. They were looking
for patients with more recent onsets.
Losing that opportunity to see my brain image
led me down a path of wonder. I began to
imagine what it could’ve looked like and
sketched the possibilities. In the process, the
MRI SCAN signature motif was created.

I began to utilize the motif in
different ways, often changing its
color and size. It reminded me of the
explorative nature of the creative
process. A seed of an idea can swiftly
develop into grand concepts that can
seem unattainable to some; but
nurturing an idea with a powerful sense
of tenacity and openness can lead to
the most incredible things.

That’s what this signature motif represents. I want
the wearer of this piece to feel
empowered to embrace their visions
knowing that impossibility is merely
a concept meant to be challenged. We
are all capable of miraculous
creative conception; and we push our
world forward when we dare to embark
on possibility.

Cheers to growth and expansion,

Morgan Lee